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From Cyclone to Reality – exporting Point Cloud in .pts format
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If you are using a Leica C10 / C5 Laser Scanner you areusing Leica Cyclone to process your scan data. Reality  requires that the scan data be in a PTS format in order to open the point cloud. Cyclone will exportin this format.This article will... Read More
How to Import a Scaled Image
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This article is available in video format on YouTube:FARO RealityFARO HDWhen bringing an aerial image or scaled diagram into FARO HD or Reality, the scale is likely to be off and will need adjusting. To adjust the scale, we will use the Scaling tool... Read More
How to Get the FARO Reality Error Logs
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If FARO Reality encounters an unhandled exception, has an error, or is generally not behaving properly, tech support will usually want some more information. Here’s how to get the error logs from the program. If you send this information the... Read More
Importing a Point Cloud
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Importing a point cloud is simple.Click on “Import” on the “Point Cloud” tabBrowse to your file, and press open.When opened, Reality will automatically load and position all points in the point cloud. You will see a loading screen as the... Read More
FARO Reality - Alternate Activation
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In FARO Reality, we have provided a way for people who can’t connect directly to the internet to bypass the typical activation on their computer. Please note that alternate activation does still require some form of internet access so that a... Read More
Working with a Point Cloud
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Once a point cloud is imported, a Point Cloud panelwill appear on the left of the screen. From here you can change various optionsdealing with the point cloud.   1.      ... Read More
How to Activate Human Motion Studio
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If you are already using FARO Reality and have purchased Human Motion Studio, you will need to reset your license key so that your computer knows that it has permission to use this feature. Instructions:Open the preferences form: Click on... Read More
How to Check if Your Laptop Has a Dual Video Setup (Render Only Card)
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When a laptop has a high powered graphics card, it’s usually not enabled as the default video processor to conserve battery life. To check if you have one of these setups, right click on a program (such as Reality) on your desktop and look for... Read More
Traffic Light Genius (Reality)
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FARO Reality includes a feature for making your owncustom animated traffic lights so that you can add realism to your scenes. Toplace and create your own custom lights, follow the following steps: 1.       Clickon... Read More
Importing a Custom Model
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If you’ve received a custom model for use in FARO Reality, then you’ll need to import it into your scene. Follow the steps below to insert your model.Click onthe Model tab and click on the “Load Model” icon on the far... Read More
Attaching Models
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FARO Reality allows you to attach one model toanother to create more complex scenes. To attach models, check the below steps.1.      Place the models you wish to attach on thescene. 2.     ... Read More