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Nikon Nivo - Set up, Measuring Points, and Downloading Point Data.

This article outlines how to set up a Nikon Nivo total station, how to measure points using the total station, and how to import those points into ARAS 360.

  1. Set up instrument on tripod and level.  Remove lens cap.
  2. Press "POWER" button to turn on instrument.
  3. Press "ESC" button to activate.
  4. Press "MENU" button to begin set-up.
  5. Press "1" for JOB.
  6. Press "MSR1" button for CREATE, then type in the job name and press "REC/ENT" button.
  7. Press "ANG" button for OK.
  8. Press "STN" (7 button) for Station Set-up.
  9. Press "1" for KNOWN.
  10. Press "1" for ST and press "REC/ENT" button.
  11. Press "0" for X and press "REC/ENT" button.
  12. Press"0" for Y and press "REC/ENT" button.
  13. Press"0" for Z and press "REC/ENT" button.
  14. Type "RP" for CD: and press "REC/ENT" button.
  15. Measure the height of the instrument from the ground to the center of the scope.  (There will be a cross etched in the side of the instrument to indicate where the center of the scope is).  Type the height (e.g. "5.2") and press "REC/ENT" button.  (This is in feet and tenths).
  16. Press "2" for ANGLE.
  17. Press "2" for BS, then press the "REC/ENT" button.
  18. Type "6.0" or "0.0" and press "REC/ENT" button.  This will be target height.
    1. Note: 0.0 for non-prism shots directly at object.
  19. Type "0" for AZ and press "REC/ENT" button.
  20. Aim instrument North and press "REC/ENT" button.
    • This sets instrument 0 degrees to North.
  21. Now you can start measuring points.  Place prism pole over point and sight target, then press "MSR1" (infra-red), or aim instrument at point and press "MSR2" (laser).
    •  Note: Prism shots are infra-red and non-prism shots are laser.
  22. When shot is taken, you will see the slope distance (SD) appear on the screen.  Then press "REC/ENT" button.  Scroll cursor up and change PT from 2 to 3.  (This is for the first shot only, all others will advance automatically).  Press "REC/ENT" button.  Ensure target ht. is correct.  If using a prism on a pole, HT will be the ht. of the pole.  If shooting directly at point, HT will be 0.0.  Press "REC/ENT" button. (VERY IMPORTANT STEP).
  23. Type descriptor code (ZBC1, for example) and press "REC/ENT" button.
  24. Repeat steps 20-22 until job is done.
  25. To power down, press "POWER" then "REC/ENT".
Most common mistake:  User will press the REC/ENT button instead of MSR button when taking a measurement.  Instrument will react just as it does when pushing the MSR button, but no distance measurement will be taken, only horizontal and vertical angles.  So, please READ ALL the instructions carefully.


To download point data, set up software program to receive as per software program.  Set Comms in Nikon to match Comms in software program.

In total station, baud rate is set by doing the following:
  • Turn on Total Station.
  • Press MENU.
  • Press 3 for SETTINGS.
  • Press 5 for COMM.
  • Scroll down to BAUD and set to 4800 and press ENTER.
  • Press ESC to back out to beginning.
To download point data into ARAS 360:
  • Open ARAS 360.
  • Click on the "Measurements" tab.
  • Click on Import icon (this is the down arrow on the top, far left of the ribbon).
  • Select "Nikon Raw or Coord (Nik)" and click "Download".
  • Ensure Comms match that of Nikon Total Station.
  • Click on the green down arrow.
  • Now go to the Nikon, turn it on and press the "Menu" button.  Press "5" button for Comm, press "1" button for Download, press "REC/ENT" button for NIKON, press "REC/ENT" button for RAW, and press "ANG" button for GO.  Now data will transfer from the Nikon, into ARAS 360.
  • Click "OK".
  • Choose an appropriate location and name, and save your Raw data file (can be opened in Notepad).
Now your points are in ARAS 360.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact support@aras360.com.
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