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FARO Reality - Alternate Activation

In FARO Reality, we have provided a way for people who can’t connect directly to the internet to bypass the typical activation on their computer.

Please note that alternate activation does still require some form of internet access so that a file from your computer can be sent to support and then be put back onto that system. This may be achieved by using a flash drive to move the activation file to a different computer and then emailing the file to support from there. To complete an alternate activation:

  • Open FARO Reality.
  • This activation form should appear if the software has not been activated.
  • Click the Alternate Activation button to open the alternate activation form.
  • Enter your issued License Key, Full Name, and Email Address.
  • Click the button to "Create file for support". Choose a save location for the activation request file you just created.
  • Email that file to support@aras360.com.
  • The technical support team will process the file that you sent them and send you back a new file, the activation file.
  • Once your receive the activation file from support, open the Alternate Activation window again. This time choose "Open file from support."
Tip: You do not need to enter your information again as it is already contained within the file.

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