Momentum Module

New Crash Reconstruction Technology combines Momentum with SMAC Simulation

Momentum Module from FARO Technologies blends high level functionality from the FARO HD Momentum solution with crush simulation from SMAC (Simulation Model of Automobile Collisions) based simulation.

Momentum Analysis Features

In the Momentum system, users are provided with state of the art tools to analyze the essential components of a momentum analysis including:

Tire Mark Trajectory Lines
This feature allows users to rotate the vehicles in the momentum tool and immediately see if the tire lines match the real tire line evidence for accurate spin out analysis.

Tire Lines

Automatic Animation of Momentum Results
At any time during the momentum analysis, users can simply click "Play" and see the results in a real time animation.

Real Time Calculation of Delta V in x and y Components
This calculation allows users to compare the momentum based calculation of the longitudinal component of Delta V with other sources of Delta V.

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Spin Out Analysis
This feature allows users to enter the friction associated with the vehicle trajectories (multiple zones if required) and also enter the wheel by wheel percentage braking for a real time and robust calculation of the post impact deceleration.

spin out

Secondary Impacts
The zone editor within the momentum system allows users to place and quantify secondary impacts. This is combined in real time for a precise calculation of post impact velocities and is an essential ingredient to a modern day approach to intersection collisions.

Secondary Impacts

See Momentum Module in action!