Advanced Human Model


The FARO Reality Advanced Human module includes anatomically correct models that are both posable and layered. This module:

  • Includes a male and a female model.
  • Allows the model to be posed on the scene using over 20 points of articulation.
  • Include advanced model in both male and female model.
  • Offers the ability to adjust the model's transparency to aid in the illustration of bullet trajectories.

Intuitively pose the model in real time.

The Advanced Human Model can be intuitively positioned on the scene to match the evidence. The human model has over 20 points of articulation.


Detailed Model Layers

Both of these anatomically correct models include eight detailed layers. These layers are intuitively turned on and off to easily allow the display of various structures and systems found within the human body. These layers include:

  • A clothed view.
  • An unclothed view.
  • The skeleton.
  • Musculature.
  • The respiratory system.
  • The nervous system.
  • The digestive system.
  • The circulatory system.

Model Layers