AccelerometerG360 ACCELEROMETER

$11.99 USD - Now available on the App Store!

G360 is a powerful accelerometer designed to facilitate the measuring of braking potential on accident scene road surfaces. This application runs on all versions of the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch.

The G360 has undergone testing which indicates very precise results under all conditions, with amazing ease of use.

The iPhone/iPod Touch has a built-in LIS302DL, a tiny 3-axis accelerometer. It is amazingly accurate and ARAS software engineers have accessed this device to optimize the friction testing process.

ARAS 360 provides advanced analytical tools such as 3D Momentum modelling and advanced reconstruction equation processing - all these processes are integrated and used to build a common report.

The G360 app samples every 1/10th second and allows you to choose which of the 3 axes are to be considered in the test. It does not matter which angle the device rests at while testing. Internal calculations that are run when you calibrate automatically adjust the device orientation to the test.


How it works:

  1. Simply take your iPhone or iPod Touch and place it in a secure position within the test vehicle.
  2. Open the G360 App
  3. Press 'New Test'
  4. Press 'Calibrate' (takes about 3 – 4 seconds)
  5. Press 'Start Test'
  6. Run your test
  7. Press 'Stop Test'

Done – email your raw data test report to yourself.

Simple, accurate, and affordable. You will love this solution.