crash Reconstruction Calculations

Only FARO Genius:

  • Allows users to create equations in seconds: save and share them.
  • 200+ Equations covering all components of reconstruction.
  • Momentum Analysis.
  • Rotational Analysis.
  • Monte Carlo Analysis.
  • Multi variable simultaneous ranging. 
  • Persuasive charts and graphs (in 3D) in powerful reports
  • Allows users to create case/project files containing all the active equations
  • Displays all the math steps in real math terms

Watch the video below to see how FARO Genius can work for you.


Momentum Analysis

FARO Genius is the complete calculating solution, from simple equations to complete linear  mometum analysis, it can do it all.


This program sets a new standard in crash reconstruction calculation technology. FARO Genius is designed to cover all equation processes and contains almost every formula or equation in the field of crash reconstruction science.


200+ equations are included in the application. These equations and formulae are industry standard and many have been contributed from the IPTM Equation Book. In addition, many are the standard equations taught at Northwestern University Traffic Institute. Choose from speed, energy, momentum, distance, time, acceleration, drag factor, truck rollover, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and many other categories.

Search using variables, variable names, or categories and you will get a list of results that match your criteria - instantly.
All equations have precise descriptions and display the inputs required to solve the equation. Equation selection is quick and easy.

Solution Steps

CrashMath Solution StepsEach step of every solution is displayed in real math terms to verify your work - automatically!


See every mathematical step from the beginning to the end, so you know exactly how the result was derived.

Court ready output includes:

  • Result(s)
  • Case Information
  • All the math steps to solve an equation
  • Charts and graphs

Build your own equations

Build your own equations fast and share them with other FARO Genius users. FARO Genius gives you all the tools to easily build equations and load them to your "My Equations" tab.

Incremented Inputs

Incremented inputs allow you to examine how variations in the value of a particular input affect the equation’s output. This is a useful tool for dealing with situations where there is a degree of error or uncertainty as to the precise value of an input.


Present persuasive charts and graphs
(in 2D & 3D) in powerful reports, or copy and paste them into an application of your choice.

Demonstrate results graphically, for incremented variables, to make the results easy to understand.