FARO Blitz

A powerful and easy to use 2D forensic software package ever developed.

The FARO Blitz product series has been carefully designed to provide all the functionality of our best in class FARO HD product, now in a 2D environment. Depending on which Blitz solution you choose, this means you have:

  • A complete and powerful CAD engine for precise scale diagramming.
  • A powerful 2D animation engine for creating crash and crime animations.
  • The ability to download measurements from many data collector or total station.
  • A rich symbol library with vehicle model sizing driven by the Transport Canada database.
  • Point of Impact
  • A crush editor to allow damage display and accurate calculations of EBS.
  • Direct access to Google satellite imagery, scaled automatically on download.
  • The ability to input coordinate measurements.
  • The ability to input triangulation measurements.
  • Street Genius for rapid roadway design.
  • A momentum analysis tool that works right on your scene.
  • Access to professional, court-ready reports and templates.

All of this for the best price in the industry and – it will run on very basic computers – no special graphics card required.

FARO Blitz: Feature Comparison

The FARO Blitz product series includes three different packages to suit both your needs and your budget. Please see the chart below for a feature comparison of the three available packages.

Total Station

Rapid Diagramming

yes yes yes

2D Animation

yes yes yes

Google Earth Scaled Imagery

yes yes yes

Total Station Imports

yes yes

Momentum Analysis


FARO Blitz • Tools & Features

Rapid Diagramming

FARO Blitz users can create accurate scene diagrams in minutes. Users may:

  • Click to draw various lines and use the convenient "Snap to Grid" feature to ensure lines are straight and aligned correctly.
  • Use Street Genius to create a road or intersection with a single click.
  • Use Structure Genius to create buildings quickly and easily.
  • Employ the extensive symbol library to place evidence and other objects.
  • Add labels to draw attention to key details.

Crash Diagram

Easy Animation

Working with animation is easy thanks to an intuitive interface and powerful 2D animation engine. Advanced technology allows for instant animation path creation and unlimited synchronization points which eliminates hours of tedious work when dealing with multiple impact animations.


Street Genius

Street Genius allows Blitz users to place complete intersections and road segments with a single click. Once placed, the road or intersection can be edited directly on the scene to suit your needs.

Street Genius

Structure Genius

The FARO Blitz Structure Genius allows users to construct walls with just a few clicks of the mouse. Windows and doors can be placed and resized quickly and easily. Structure Genius makes scene creation a snap.

Structure Genius

Drawing Symbols

FARO Blitz comes preloaded with an extensive symbol library. These symbols include vehicles, signs, furniture, and diagram objects like north arrows and a scale bar. Blitz also includes a human figure that can be intuitively positioned on the scene to match the evidence.


Google Earth & Scaled Images

FARO Blitz allows for the integration of hand measurements and satellite imagery, saving hours of tedious work. Import scaled images directly from Google Earth, or import any aerial image and scale it directly on the scene. An integrated image editor also allows users to quickly remove unwanted objects, such as cars and shadows, from imported aerial images.

Aerial Imagery

Total Station Download ($)

FARO Blitz with Total Station supports total station direct downloads. Simply connect to the total station, complete the download, and draw your scene in minutes. Some of our many supported formats include raw, csv, txt, nik, rw5, and dxf, among others.

Total Station Points

Momentum Analysis ($)

FARO Blitz with Momentum allows users to solve for impact speeds, delta V, pre impact speed, post impact speed, and other important results, in seconds. The Momentum Genius tool is a live, graphical solution with real time sensitivity feedback.

  • Real time Momentum Analysis directly on your diagram.
  • Allows for multiple friction zones.
  • Calcluates friction based on vehicle rotation and braking.
  • Curvi-linear departure trajectories.
  • Reports results, including solution steps.
  • Automatically generates 2D animations of momentum results.