What our customers are saying...

IJeffery D Jones am a police sergeant in charge of the Lancaster County (PA) Major Crash Investigation Unit and I am the owner of Jones Forensic Collision Investigations. I have been a loyal customer of ARAS almost from the beginning. Recently I was approached by the Lancaster County District Attorney and detectives from my agency asking me to reconstruct a homicide in a drive by shooting case. I immediately went to my ARAS 360 HD and using time and distance studies, recreated the events prior to, during and after the shooting. The very realistic animation clearly showed the events to the point that the prosecutors involved were so impressed with this demonstrative evidence, that the case was given a green light for prosecution. I received high praise from many veteran prosecutors who felt this piece of evidence was critical to the case. ARAS 360 HD made it happen; the value I have gotten from this product in my police career and private career has paid for itself over and over again. Thanks again for the great product, service and staff!

Sgt. Jeffrey D. Jones
Manheim Township Police
January 26, 2015

Anthony W Choi Aras 360 HD is fantastic. 99% of the time I end up not going to court, they usually just settle once they see my presentation.

Anthony W. Choi, D.C.
Accident Reconstructionist---Whiplash Biomechanics--Collision Simulation/Animation
January 2015

I’m familiar with several different programs but Reality is the easiest point cloud program I’ve ever seen…I’m impressed!

Sean Alexander
Crash Analysis & Reconstruction, Georgia
January 2015

Jeff Vick Yesterday we presented a case in Dallas District court; the animations created with ARAS HD were accepted without any hesitation from the Judge, they were very useful to the jury and we should get a verdict today. The prosecution really went over the reports and I could tell they were impressed. Thank you for such a great product and for the last minute help you gave me. I purchased Reality and looked at it last night…wow the quality is incredible!

Jeff Vick
J.G. Vick Consulting
January 2015

My company, Visual Law, specializes in 3D visualization work for litigation. Our clients are accident reconstructionists, government agencies, law firms and insurance companies. We often are given data that we are asked to convert into an accurate visualization of a given crime scene or collision site. Although we have a wide variety of CAD and 3D visualization tools available, ARAS360 REALITY is the one package that does everything we need. More importantly, the software is very intuitive and it operates in real time. The ability to set up collision sequences immediately without time consuming render cycles is revolutionary.

Most professionals who work in fields of accident reconstruction or forensic visualization have already recognized that we are seeing an avalanche of digital data in the form of point clouds and LIDAR scans. Until we bought REALITY we generally avoided dealing with such huge data sets because of the inherent difficulty of workflow. ARAS360 REALITY makes working with point clouds -- even enormous ones -- a simple proposition. This has revolutionized our approach to projects by giving us the opportunity to do primary measurements in the office instead of out in the field. Moreover, REALITY allows us to set up animation on the surface of the point cloud itself -- a huge time saver.

Although we have only had ARAS360 REALITY for a few weeks, we were able to be productive the first day we booted up. Since then I've been interested in pushing REALITY as far as I can. We are very excited to see what we can do after we get a bit more experience behind the wheel!

Mark Johnson
Visual Law
January 2015

Anthony W ChoiARAS360 HD is an outstanding program. I love it. It’s easy to use yet very powerful. I’ve used the animations I’ve created in legal proceedings to successfully illustrate my opinions. But it’s more than just animations or simulations. It also provides quick answers to the sensitivity of variable inputs while analyzing a crash. In addition I have found it to be an excellent tool in teaching crash investigation and crash reconstruction classes to Law Enforcement Officers, especially when it comes to time-distance relationships, acceleration, momentum, “what if” scenarios, and more.

Rudy Degger, ACTAR
RDA, Inc.
October 2014

I Jim Sparks retired as a Captain with the Missouri State Water Patrol. I was the supervisor of the boating accident investigation officers in Missouri but now work as a consultant for Boating Accident Reconstruction Experts, LLC. I am also the program manager and lead instructor for the National Boating Accident Investigation course for NASBLA. I keep up-to-date with all of the current software that is available and I am often questioned on what I recommend. ARAS 360 is at the top of my list. Previous to ARAS I used FX but it did not have close to the capabilities that ARAS HD has.

Gary Haupt
Captain, Missouri State Water Patrol (retired)
September 2014

I Jim Sparks have been using ARAS HD CSI for over a year and previous to ARAS I was using Visual Statement. I started using ARAS because of the frustrations I was experiencing with my previous solution. Having to render from 2D to 3D was painful and their solution was very limited. It is amazing what I can do with ARAS HD, it really has the ‘wow factor’. The tech support is great and overall I enjoy doing business with ARAS 360.

Jim Sparks
Louisville Metro Police Department
September 2014

Switching to Aras 360 HD has been an excellent experience. The training was great and the added support of Mike Greenfield has been appreciated. We have found dealing with Aras 360 Technologies to be a very positive experience.

Sergeant Josh Sainsbury
Grant County Sheriff's Office
September 2014

We Thomas Boyer needed a superior software for crash animation and found that in Aras 360 HD.  The expanding model library and the ability to integrate Google imagery with total station data are excellent features.

Thomas Boyer
Talbott Associates Inc.
September 2014

We have found Aras 360 HD to be the software that solves all our reconstruction challenges. Dealing with Aras 360 Technologies has been excellent and their responsive technical support is second to none.

Lt. Col. Henry Morris
Alcoa Police Department
September 2014

WithBushell Transport Company Aras 360 HD, I have been able to create animations that not only wowed my team and customers but clearly showed what really happened. I have found it to be very intuitive software.  Aras 360 Technologies technical support is responsive,  always there when needed and I would recommend Aras 360 to anyone.

Bill Vezina
Bushell Transport Company Ltd.
September 2014

ARASRyan Brackett 360 HD is everything you could want in a reconstruction software. ARAS 360 HD has added another element to our investigations with the use of animation, aerial imagery, and terrain modeling.  The customer support and training is extraordinary! ARAS 360 HD is constantly requesting feedback to improve the already great user experience. If you have a suggestion or a vehicle that needs to be added to their already large catalog of vehicles, they’ll do everything they can to add it. If you have a question, customer support is immediately in contact with you to help out. Working with the people of ARAS 360 HD was always been a great experience.

Corporal Ryan Brackett
Elizabethron Police Department
September 2014

ARASMathew Martonovich 360 HD is a huge time saver for creating high quality 3D animations, and impressive collision scene diagrams.

Mathew Martonovich
OEC Forensics
September 2014

Our Matthew Waltersdorffdepartment has been using ARAS 360 HD for three years now. We absolutely love it. The hardware and software are easy to use and has provided us a great animated product in both accident and crime scene reconstruction. ARAS 360 does a great job keeping us informed and up-to-date with the latest trends in the market place.

Officer Matthew Waltersdorff
Hanover Borough Police Department
York County, Pennsylvania
September 2014

We Duane Millerpurchased ARAS HD and once we completed the online training we found it to be extremely easy to work with and really enjoy using it. We were looking to upgrade from our old ways and were previously using a basic CAD program that just had points and lines. We found that ARAS HD gave us an impressive final product, with impressive detail. The final touch for our court presentations which gave us the opportunity to step up our game and do things a lot differently than what we were doing in the past.

Undersheriff Duane Miller
Huron County Sheriff's Office
September 2014

I Thomas Bohanhave been working as a forensic investigator/scientist for the past 35 years. A big part of my cases have involved accident reconstruction for which I have found ARAS HD very useful in illustrating my conclusions. I have found ARAS 360 Technologies a joy to work with and supportive of my requests.

Thomas Bohan
MTC Forensics
September 2014

I Bob Sestonfind the team at ARAS are efficient. Whenever I’ve had any queries, I always get a prompt response. It’s nice to have phone calls once every couple of months to see how we are getting on, they provide excellent customer care. I don’t know of any other company that would do that. If there ever is a niggle in the back of somebody’s head on a particular point with the software, the regular phone calls from the support team will bring the question out and the answers are provided.

Bob Seston
RJS & Associates
Solihull, West Midlands
September 2014

ARAS Robin Wright 360 HD has improved our production efficiency dramatically. We can be from raw data to animation literally in less than one hour. Our experience from purchase throughout training to implementation has been fantastic. We had an unusual vehicle, for which there was no model in the library, built by the support team and it was very timely completed and worked flawlessly. Thanks for a wonderful product; it has made our courtroom presentations accurately portray our opinions.

Robin H. Wright
R H Wright and Associates, LLC
Tomball, TX
January 2014

I Syb Hiemstra am currently employed as a detective in a major metropolitan sheriff’s department. My responsibilities include investigating fatal and serious injury accidents, and diagramming crimes scenes. I have been in this assignment since 2000. I have used numerous drawing programs, and AR programs. Simply put, ARAS HD is the best program I have used.

ARAS HD answered our needs of: Cost Concerns, Usefulness, and Accuracy. Our unit was maintaining multiple software licenses on multiple software programs. Each software program would only perform a specific function, and upgrades always required purchases. Being a government agency we had a responsibility to the public to become more cost effective without jeopardizing investigations. With ARAS HD we have a program that meets our needs for diagramming crash scenes, and indoor and outdoor crimes scenes. ARAS–ICATS not only provides us with a simulation program, it does it in 3D and with real time results. ARAS–SAMI provides us with a momentum tool that not only calculates, it illustrates what the physics and math are computing. Crush can be calculated within the vehicle models using your own measured damaged profile. With our purchase of ARAS HD we were able to drop other software program which in turn saved the unit money, and produced a better finished product.

While cutting cost was important it was not the primary driving force behind our switch to ARAS HD. We needed a product that produced accurate results, and provided a platform to explain the results to a layman. In ARAS you are drawing and/or working in 3D the entire time. There is no switching to different interfaces. You can see the results right in front of you as you are working. You know right away if your work is accurate, or if there is a problem. The superior graphics within ARAS HD give our finished product a more realistic look, and provide the basis for illustrating the crash or crime scene. Since ARAS HD has made it so simple to work in 3D, I have found that I am including more within a scene. I include driver’s views, or witness views. Trajectory on a shooting scene has never been so easy to diagram, and explain.

ARAS HD has provided us with an all inclusive program that is user-friendly, accurate, and illustrative.

Det. Syb Hiemstra | ACTAR #1861
King County Sheriff's Office
Seattle, WA

I have been using ARAS 360 since November of 2010 when I was able to get my agency to purchase one copy to test. I was the sole tester for the software and nearly immediately recommended it to my supervisors for our unit. The ease of the program allowed me to use it even without the formal training. However, admittedly prior to my formal training my limited knowledge use was just scratching the surface of the program's capability. Prior to acquiring ARAS 360 my unit was using Crash Zone software, which is a decent CAD program but is significantly lacking in its presentation and animation capabilities. I have had training in the Visual Statement products, to include the 2D version from several years ago, and the current FX3 platform, and I have found that there is no comparison between its difficult to navigate platform and ARAS HD’s significantly simpler navigation platform. ARAS is so simple and intuitive that you can go without using if for a substantial length of time and then be able to very quickly and easily get back to using it like have been using if for years, I don’t think I could even get FX3 to open and load a scene right now since I have not touched it in a couple years.
The software’s Google Earth interface has dramatically decreased the amount of time needed on a scene that would generally be spent documenting unrelated items. The program's accuracy is unparalleled, given that every one of my laser measured scenes have overlaid seamlessly onto the scaled Google images. The ability to work in a 3D environment without having to convert from a 2D environment is a significant time and frustration saver. The ability to see a scene come together as it's being drawn is astounding. The realism of the final result is second to none that I have seen for the money. I have completed an ARAS HD diagram on one screen with a true picture of the scene on another screen and have had people stop and take a moment to figure out which was the picture and which was the ARAS scene.
The customer service oriented philosophy of the company and its near immediate response to questions, concerns and model requests is awesome. I have admitted ARAS animations in multiple criminal trials and its clear and convincing presentation of the evidence is always overwhelmingly clear, accurate and easy to understand. If a picture is worth a thousand words what is an accurate animation worth! The new modeling style they are using is the best I have seen, ever! I am aware of additional “add-on” components of the software, however I have only been able to view them, and from that I am impressed, however I have not been able to test them for myself.

Technician T. Waters
Colorado State Patrol Vehicular Crimes Unit
ACTAR #1279

In the Lee Jackson 25 years that I have been practicing vehicle crash reconstruction I have seen many, many changes. We have refined post collision deceleration, incorporated the use of vehicle event data recorders and now thanks to ARAS 360 HD we have sharp, realistic animations.

The value of animations is intuitive to people. Not everyone appreciates verbal description, or one dimensional diagrams that leave much to the imagination. Since we are human beings we are visual animals and everyone can easily see for themselves what a verbal explanation may not communicate. A two minute video says more than 20 minutes of talking.

ARAS 360 HD brings to life what verbal articulation attempts to explain. The sharp color graphics of the vehicles as well as the buildings, signs, and trees really create a scene that brings the entire event to life for the viewer.

But ARAS 360 HD is more than just graphics – it’s a reconstruction program too!

I recently taught a reconstruction class where we compared several of the Recon programs currently available. The students in the class were quick to see which programs were bulky and over bloated, or bare bones with little to offer, and which one was the complete package. ARAS 360 HD rose to the top of the class rapidly and had the students ready to start using the program. The knowledge that assistance is available 24/7 was especially valuable to Police Officers who don’t just work 9-5.

Diagrams, speed calculations, simulations, and animations make ARAS 360 HD the one true complete reconstruction package.

Lee Jackson
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Coming Robert Postfrom Visual Statement, I was pleased with the general ease of use of the ARAS 360 product. It’s intuitive and natural feeling when it comes to animations. The problems experienced converting 2D to 3D animations are no longer there with ARAS 360. The support team at ARAS are very responsive and they keep their promises.

Robert W. Post | ACTAR #671
Post Accident Reconstruction LLC

I am Doug Olmstead writing to share a feature of the ARAS 360 Suite that we have found to benefit our agency not only in the quality of work product that we are producing but also in cost savings due to reduced traffic crash reporting labor hours.

Following our purchase of the ARAS 360 Suite and the detailed online training that was provided, members of my Traffic Crash Investigation Unit immediately saw the benefit of being able to layer drawings over Google Earth Downloads. Team members used this feature to draw scaled templates of hazardous crash locations throughout our city. We scaled these diagrams to match the scale of the plastic green traffic template standard to law enforcement agencies across the country. These templates were transformed into PDF documents and saved to a shared drive where all officers within our agency have access. Now when an officer is dispatched to a crash at one of these intersections, they need only print the diagram, use their traffic template to place in vehicle evince in scale, number, date and sign the form. ARAS 360 has dramatically increased the accuracy and presentation of our diagrams while simultaneously reducing the time needed to complete them to a fraction of what was previously needed. We currently have 30 scaled diagrams in our library and the number continues to grow each week.

Thank you for the great product.

Sergeant Doug Olmstead | Grove City Division of Police
Grove City, Ohio, USA

ARAS George Schiro 360 has added a new dimension to my crime scene reconstruction practice. I have been able to easily produce 3-D images that facilitated my clients' understanding of certain crime scene dynamics. In addition, I presented ARAS 360 generated images of a shooting reconstruction during my testimony at a U.S. court- martial that were useful to all parties in understanding how the shooting occurred. The ARAS 360 software simplified this process and enhanced my testimony.

George Schiro, MS, F-ABC | Consulting Forensic Scientist
Cade, LA USA

I Dalton Brown have been an ARAS 360 customer since its inception. Prior to purchasing ARAS 360 I had researched various programs for 2 years to find a program that was the best for the least. With other similar type software either the costs were out of my reach, they were labour intensive, the tech support was poor and, oh yes, those yearly maintenance and upgrade fees. I found the perfect match for me in ARAS. The program is easy to use, accurate and relatively inexpensive with free upgrades and no maintenance fees. It does everything I want it to do which is to match the physical evidence with vehicle trajectory and damage analysis, prove or disprove the what-if scenarios with the simulation component, give views of what can be seen, and give detailed reports for disclosure. The real time 3D draw/animation is excellent and my time has been reduced with a better product being the result. Tech support is second to none, they are always there for me to answer questions and trouble shoot. Add to that the knowledge base, HD tutorials and weekly interactive webinars, it’s pretty tough to beat. On one occasion I needed two models for a specific case, I called ARAS and within two days I had them both. I have many other examples where I received excellent support such as after receiving total station data that was skewed. The issue was identified and corrected to be usable within the day. Add-on modules like the simulation module with damage analysis, articulation module and SAMI only add to the usefulness of the program. I have used it to show attorney’s case analyses and they are impressed. It is a great addition to your tool box and gives you added confidence in your results.

Dalton Brown | MVC Forensics Inc.
T/Sgt. OPP Reconstructionist (Retired)

I Donald Webb primarily use ARAS 360 because of the intuitive nature of its design, the quality of the models, the ease and control of animation and especially ARAS 360’s support for problem solving. The support staff is right there within an hour or sooner, usually sooner. All of my requests for specific models have been provided – at no extra charge! I admit most of the problems were my thick head but they're always there to walk me through! Most importantly, there are plenty of documentation videos that address just about every aspect of the software. And finally, the training they provide is excellent. The ARAS 360 HD animation is far superior to anything on the market! I was taking training in 3ds Max and soon found that the time learning the program and then producing the same animation effects available with ARAS 360 it was not worth my effort! There is no annual maintenance Fee to keep current - ARAS 360 charges no maintenance fee and the updates are more frequent. I recommend ARAS 360 to anyone who is involved in accident reconstruction. Within 30 minutes you can create an animation that represents you data. The report generator plots by time, location (x, y and z) orientation (pitch, roll and yaw), time and speed. I recommend this software for the novice accident investigator to the advanced engineer!

Donald G. Webb | Director
Accident Analysis Service

The Jim Wood ARAS HD training was excellent, [the] trainer does a fantastic job. It is not often during training I am excited (especially when I go until midnight) to get to the next session to see what I will learn next.

ARAS HD is certainly the strongest reconstruction tool on the market.

Jim Wood

ARAS Scott Wills 360 HD is true 3D software. Previously, I was using CAD Zone and I could never get the 3D to work. With ARAS, you’re working in 3D so that eliminates the need to convert from 2D to 3D. The library of symbols ARAS has is phenomenal. There seems to be no end to the things you can do, especially when it comes to animations. ARAS consistently amazes me. The support team is second to none and have helped me time and time again—this is the best investment I have made.

Scott Wills | R Scott Wills Inc.
Cockeysville, MD

ARAS Eric Shapiro 360 HD (and ARAS 360 std.) have allowed me to analyze and visualize multiple scenarios more quickly than previous A.R. software packages. And, when finished with the analysis, I can easily create an animation to present my results. I am happy that I have ARAS 360 HD. It is a powerful package.

Eric Shapiro

I Donald Felicella have been an EdgeFx / FX3 user for over 6 years and recently made the switch to ARAS 360 HD, WOW! The animation, graphics and ease of use are outstanding. Their technical support and customer service shows that they value their customers by always providing a helpful and quick response. This IS by far the best reconstruction software I have used in my 18+ years in this field and has enhanced my ability to present my cases.

Donald J. Felicella | Felicella Consulting, Inc.
Loxahatchee, FL

As Rober Miller a former user of PC Crash, I am overwhelmed with the graphics and customer service that goes along with ARAS 360. The models are very realistic and not cartoonish and ARAS has also helped my update issues. I no longer have to purchase all previous versions of my software in order to update to the newest version.

Robert Miller
CED Technologies

ARAS Enrique Bonugli 360 has been a fantastic new addition to our animation capabilities. The commercial vehicle, pedestrian models and ease of use exceed that of other software such as HVE and PC CRASH. The price is right and customer service is excellent….it's hard not to like this software.

Enrique Bonugli
BRC Online

As Terry Harrison a former Rhino user, I’m very pleased with ARAS’ ease of use and the quicker rendering times. With ARAS there is virtually no time spent waiting for your renderings, helping you complete your projects a lot quicker. Getting key codes in to ARAS from the total station is much easier. Technical support is amazing with ARAS, they’re always good at getting back to you, especially with model requests. I believe the ongoing training ARAS offers with their weekly webinars is just fantastic.

Terry Harrison
Oklahoma City PD

ARAS Christopher Jaekl 360 is one of the easiest programs for the reconstructionist to use. ARAS 360 allows the user to complete an investigation in 3D, in one program from start to finish. The intuitive interface speeds up the investigation and presents a complete picture for later court proceedings.

Sergeant Christopher Jaekl
New Berlin Police Department

I Carl Lakowicz find ARAS HD software to be the perfect complement to any technical accident reconstruction expert's report and accompanying detailed forensic map. ARAS HD allows police investigators and civil reconstruction experts the ability to seamlessly mesh their report narrative and 2D forensic map into a highly detailed scaled animation; providing an extremely valuable investigation and litigation tool. Technical support is superb. I highly recommend ARAS HD. You will not be disappointed.

Carl Lakowicz | Partner
Northpoint Collision Consultants, LLP

I John Moses am an investigator with 24 years experience, having served within the Military Police and as a Police detective in serious category crime. I now run my own company and provide an Expert Witness service on crime scene reconstruction. For court purposes, you need the best that is available, not only to rebuild the case for evidential value but for ease of understanding by persons within the court room. For this i turned to ARAS 360 technology and purchased their 3D HD CSI software. Previously I had not used 3D technology. I subsequently attended an ARAS 360 Virtual Training course, the instructor was extremely knowledgable, friendly and worked at everyones pace, making sure all candidates completed each task before moving on. This course has greatly assisted my understanding of the software and enabled me now to present a full professional 3D package to my clients.

John Moses | Director
Longmere Consultants
Berwick, England